About Quickflick Kiosk Movie Rentals

Quickflick™ movie rental kiosks, located throughout the U.S. and in Canada, have been providing great convenience and tremendous value in home entertainment for many years.

We are easily the lowest cost way to watch the best hit movies. Any new releases available on cable TV cost 2 -3 times as much to rent. And, new releases on Netflix are virtually non-existent. (Plus, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee.)

Why Quickflick?

  • We get many new release movies from major studios 4 weeks sooner than Redbox and Netflix, (often several months before Netflix).
  • The latest, best new release DVD & Blu-ray movies are added each week.
  • There’s no sign-up or membership required.
  • Although providing your email isn’t required, if you like occasional special offers like free movies and discounts, please do provide your email.

Quickflick’s affiliate, Outpost Retail Systems (www.outpostretail.com), also sells and supports Movie Rental Kiosk Systems to business owners and entrepreneurs who want to get into the rewarding business of supplying everyone’s # 1 entertainment pastime- watching great shows.

We use and offer indoor and outdoor-rated 800+ and 300+ capacity kiosks.

If you are interested in getting into the business or know of a location where people could benefit from having a Quickflick kiosk installed, please send us an email.

Thanks for visiting & happy movie watching!


We value and respect our customers’ privacy.  If you provide your email, we will never sell, rent or otherwise allow any 3rd parties to use your email.  We will only sparingly email to you special offers and latest movie releases updates.  You will also receive rental receipts via email.  Of course, you’d be able to unsubscribe at any time.  But, why would you?  Everyone likes special gifts!

Email: info @ quickflickusa . com

Phone: 1.877.383.4255